Verbal Identity


Verbal Identity

"Jay's calm and attentive input helped us take our web site to an entirely new level. He is an active listener who helped us tell our story better than we could alone. I will hire him again when we are ready to take another leap forward."

-Greg Dalton, Host, Climate One

Just as important as what a client says is how the client says it.

From tone-of-voice to naming to ownable brand nomenclature, Jay helps clients develop the critical verbal identity components that complement a brand’s visual design system.

When it comes to brand tone-of-voice, he goes beyond general recommendations to concrete examples, providing sample copy and editorial guidelines that track specifically to clients’ core business competencies and/or mission statements.

He has collaborated with many top-tier design and branding firms to ensure that verbal and visual identity elements work together to achieve coherent, “patterned” brand communications.